Land At WHOLESALE Prices!

We really do offer Land At WHOLESALE Prices! We market heavily to folks who for whatever reason no longer want or need their Land. We pay cash for our properties so we get the best possible pricing. We then market them all over the Internet, at wholesale prices, to turn them quickly.

Acres, Farmland, Recreational, And Residential Properties…

We Promise NO Tricks or Games


If you want to buy land, or just learn more about land for sale all over the Country or your local County or State as a real estate investment, keep reading…

cheap land for sale in Missouri
Land can be a great investment and asset to hold right now when you buy right. Get access to our discounted properties here…

Land – it’s the original real estate investment! For thousands of years, people have been acquiring land because they know that it’s compelling just to own land

Vacant land, raw land, empty land – there’s a reason why investors are still acquiring it today:

  • There’s a cap on supply (no one is making more land), yet there’s no cap on demand
  • Wholesale Land is very affordable
  • Land has multiple profit strategies and exit strategies so you have choices (build your dream home or partition it into the next major subdivision development)
  • Most of our clients are wholesalers who also pay cash for these properties and re-market them on terms. We like to keep everything moving through the pipeline to keep volume up and pricing down so we decided to offer these deals to the public as well.
    Don’t sit on the sidelines while other investors scoop up the bargains. We sell these parcels on a wholesale basis and turn them very quickly. So if you see something on our site don’t hesitate …Most of our parcels sell in a week or two.

 Land at WHOLESALE prices!

Here’s How To Buy

 the “fine print”…

We typically process payment through Intuit Quickbooks a well known and trusted source to process secure credit card transactions over the internet.

Our process is very simple… we send you an invoice with the pertinent data. You enter your credit card and payment amount on the invoice. It is then processed through Quickbooks, (a super secure site).

We never see your credit card info. When payment is received, we process the Deed through the particular County Recorder’s office which, when recorded transfers official ownership to you. The recording process is Usually 8-10 business days.

Just call us and we will handle the transaction in a way that is most convenient to you…

Dan Weiman
Heartwood Land
It truly is that simple….

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Investing in land  has never been easier.
Some vacant land investors prefer to do the legwork themselves: they comb through the Multiple Listing Service or county records to find land owners who are selling in the area. Then they approach those land owners and make an offer, negotiate the offer, and then set up the paperwork to make the sale. Unfortunately, this level of effort is time-consuming

Fortunately, there’s another way to invest in land and this is where we at Heartwood Land have worked hard to position ourselves differently. We have become the experts in land investments in and around the United States, and land owners come to us because they want to sell their land quickly.

With our reputation among America’s land sellers, they send us their land investment opportunities all the time and we are constantly working on building our list of available properties.

“Land is tangible. Land can be used. You can walk on it. You can see it. You can touch it. You can feel it. It will never go away. Its overall net worth will never be zero (some assets can lose, and have lost ALL of their value).”

why buying Missouri land is a good investment